Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Favorite Things time:

It's been a while since we have done a favorite things post.
We want Lia to look back on this blog and see what she was in to at certain times in her life so here goes ~
FAIR WARNING, there are LOTS of pictures.
Lia doing a few of her favorite things:
 Playing in the park

Wearing her cute butterfly wings
Playing "peek at you"

Totally rockin' the mic
Flying the ladybug kite

Playing with her new favorite obsession:
(pretend / play bugs in the house only- please !)
We read about them, talk about them and even watch them 
with our magnifying glass.

"There's a grasshopper on my head- now that's silly"
Lia LOVES pickles

BUT not at the same time! 
That would be gross right?
OR would it?  I mean Jeni's Ice Cream has some unique flavors, so why not???
AND hanging out with Mommy and Daddy

Say Cheese!!
These are a few of her favorite things.
Can't wait to see what else we get into.
 We love you Lia Jill Hua Man ~ You totally ROCK!


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