Sunday, April 14, 2013

Better late...

....than never!
Lia turned 3 on March 22nd!!
And for her 3rd birthday we had a party.
This years theme was A Dora butterfly adventure!
We had tons of balloons, I mean tons - a big #3, 2 big Dora balloons and 2 big butterfly balloons with lots of pink and purple balloons surrounding them! She loves balloons.
 There were flower and butterfly wands and a butterfly cupcake cake.
She is not a baby anymore, she is a big(little) girl! She is growing up so fast and we are having a ball being her parents and watching this little girl blossom!
Here are a few of our favorite shots from her 3 year pictures



  1. Happy Birthday Lia! I love her name. What a darling little princess. I hope she has the most wonderful year. May the love in her life be abundant. Love, Becky

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one... she is completely adorable


  3. She is such a doll! Happy Birthday to her!

  4. She's so cute, I can hardly stand it! Happy 3 years to a beautiful, loved little girl!