Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday in the park ....

....can you dig it- yes we can! We've been waiting for such a long time.
Here are a few - quite a few- pictures of our first spring Saturday in the park!!
For a Saturday in the park.
People talking, people laughing - ready for a good time!

A bee!! Yikes

Love that climbing "wall"... Thanks for helping daddy!!

We had so much fun!! We will be at the park a lot this summer.

And for mommy and daddy - a coffee shop across the street. Yea
Sharing again this week with Ni Hao Ya'll

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Better late...

....than never!
Lia turned 3 on March 22nd!!
And for her 3rd birthday we had a party.
This years theme was A Dora butterfly adventure!
We had tons of balloons, I mean tons - a big #3, 2 big Dora balloons and 2 big butterfly balloons with lots of pink and purple balloons surrounding them! She loves balloons.
 There were flower and butterfly wands and a butterfly cupcake cake.
She is not a baby anymore, she is a big(little) girl! She is growing up so fast and we are having a ball being her parents and watching this little girl blossom!
Here are a few of our favorite shots from her 3 year pictures