Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Day

Burr..its been cold outside.
We had another snow day. It was so pretty. It was a light fluffy snow, not the kind for making snowballs or snowmen but the kind for just running around in. Here's Lia's take on it all!
Huh? You want me to do what?
What? What's that you say? I am supposed to play in this stuff. OK, clear a path for me. I am not quite sure I want to get wet!!  
OK ..this is kinda fun, but my hands are cold and wet so Daddy can you wipe them off EVERY time I touch the Xue (snow in Chinese)  

OK now I am having fun! I like this! Can we do it again? Soon.
Sure, it's OHIO I am sure winter is not over yet!!
Look at that sweet red face. Too much fun in the snow!!
Nap time started right there on the floor about 10 minutes after we came back inside.
Happy Snow Day !!! 


  1. Lia looks like she enjoyed the snow about as much as Meili!

  2. I can understand the reluctance!! Snow is COLD!! haha