Sunday, January 13, 2013


Good times, come on !!
Today we need to start out by giving a BIG shot out to:
My dad aka OPA... Happy Birthday to you. Feel Better soon. We'll celebrate next weekend
and to
Jim's Mom aka Grandma..Happy Birthday to you 
We have eaten our way through this town the past few days celebrating Mary Ann's Birthday and visiting with out of town cousins. It was a big one for her but because I value my relationship with my mother in law...let just say 29 (again) hehehehe 
We started with Mexican on Friday, Italian on Saturday and German on Sunday.
Now we are full. You know the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar? 
Well it's kinda like that.
After this post we'll all get in our cocoons.
So what else happened this week?
It went from this...
To this... a matter of days.
 One day all bundled up the next 60 degrees and riding her new bike.
She LOVES her new pink ride.
And what little girl wouldn't??
She got the peddling thing down in just a few tries. She takes after her daddy!
Now we need some more good weather to master steering. We predict by spring she'll be roaming the neighborhood like a pro. She is one determined little girl & she'll try until she gets it.
We LOVE that about her!!
Happy Sunday everyone. 


  1. Sweet photo of a little sweetheart! That determination is sure to take her far in her goals! =)

  2. Adorable photo's! My youngest daughter has that same cute bike! I am so glad you liked my Little House and Precious Moments posts. I had so much fun visiting both places!

  3. Aw, that is so cute! I love her new ride too:)