Saturday, November 3, 2012

For the love of Kit Kats!!

It was trick or treat on Wednesday and lets just say Lia really got into the spirit!
She was all in, telling everyone she saw HAPPY HALLOWEEN and she said it with such joy and enthusiasm. Here is how the evening began: 

Lets get this party started!!  

 Hat on   

AND away we go!!
Well hello there Kit Kat...I love you so much. 
So much so that I had to sit my bucket on the ground and
hold up the trick or treaters behind me just to have a look at you!
Back in the bucket, see you soon.
On the way home so I can eat some of this yummy candy! 
Home sweet home - Oh Kit Kat where are you?
There you are, we meet again.
It was a Happy Halloween for everyone!! 


  1. Love here little calf-spotted leggings. So cute!

  2. Loved to see her excitement, she's so sweet with the white hat and the pumpkin basket - what a lovely trick & treat you've had!

  3. Adorable & she has great taste in candy :)