Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Lia's Special Day !!

Dear Lia,
2 years ago today we met you and held you in our arms for the 1st time! 
Oct 25th will always be Lia's Special Day and the day we became a FOREVER FAMILY! 
Take a trip with us won't you???




Then you were :
7 months old

15 lbs (so little)

Iron deficient

Sick with a double ear infection and sinus issues and bronchitis
(BUT would never know it)

So Sweet

A thinker, just taking it all in and a little reserved

A great sleeper 

A great eater : formula and rice cereal, some baby food


All smiles and laughs

An outside girl , you loved walking around Shamin Island

Playing with colorful stacking cups and making silly faces (the Elvis and scrunchy face)

Looking a picture books in Chinese of veggies and fruit (we still have those books)

Very laid back, went with the flow and SO happy 

Sleeping anywhere as long as you were laying on Daddy


Today you are :
31 months old

30 lbs (give or take)

Very healthy

SO Sweet

Still a thinker, a little reserved at first but then you warm up and entertain all around you

Never sleepy and always on the go

A great eater. You love to eat noodles, eggs, breakfast food, fruit, hot dogs , Popsicle's, popcorn and more noodles!!


Smiling alot and laughing a lot - you are very funny & your favorite phrase is :
Wish Day Come on Rain !! You made that up on our trip to Florida

An outside girl you love going for walks and picking puffy headed dandelions

Playing with puzzles, watching Dora, Kai - Lan and Team Umizoomi

A bookworm . You LOVE reading and learning . You have your own library

Smart! You know how to count to 25, count to 10 in Chinese and Spanish and know all your colors , shapes, and know your alphabet.

Into princesses and dinosaurs and trains and music and stickers!  

A great dancer, you have rhythm

Tall for your age and heritage. You have beautiful long legs and graceful feet! A dancer maybe? 

SO LOVED (more and more every day)

We are so grateful for you and all of the joy you bring to our lives. We are honored to be your parents and can't wait to see what life has in store for you AND what you have in store for life.

Today we celebrate you. We celebrate the beautiful little baby you were, the beautiful little girl you are now and the beautiful woman you will become.


Love ,
mommy and daddy

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