Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey Hey Hey it's Halloween (almost )

This weekend we went with friends to 

at the

We had so much fun seeing the Lions Tigers and Bears, oh my! Okay not really, the lions we sleeping and out of sight and the tigers were CLOSED. Fair warning there are a lot of pictures 
BUT here is what we really saw : 

Oh give me a home .... 

Lots and Lots of fish ! Thank God the aquarium was open that's Lia's favorite. She could stay in here all day ! 

We did see one bear !

We had to find a way to get a picture of  a tiger for our tiger child ! So here it is

Spooky bats !

It was a fun fall night, we walked around for hours and sipped hot chocolate, had a picnic dinner and saw the beautiful fall foliage.

We even got to see an old carousel , a pirate show and do some trick or treating. 
Needless to say Lia slept great once we got home. 
Happy (almost) Halloween
and Happy Sunday


  1. Oh boy...looks like you guys had a blast. Great pictures. Can't wait till we pull out some coats!

  2. sounds like a fun day :) thank you for sharing your tour through the Zoo. I'm visiting from Sunday Best. happy to have found your blog, I'm your new follower. have a great week ahead :) xxo

  3. Love her sweet smile at the end -- what a fun day for you all. xo