Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What did you have for breakfast?

Well if you're 2 and getting all 4 of your last molars and cereal makes your mouth hurt you get POPSICLES !!! Its the only thing that makes it all better.
We went from crying to this in 60 seconds.

These teeth can't come in fast enough. This could explain her frustration, sleeping issues and disruption in her eating habits. It'll all be better soon the dentist says !!!! Today was our first trip to the dentist. She quickly realized that were weren't just there to ride up and down on the chair. And when it came down to business she was all tears and "NOPES" !! Every question Dr JoJo asked, Lia said "NOPE", except when it was time to pick out her prizes! Then she said yes, of course she wanted a prize once we were finished.
She was thinking "Can we be fininshed now ????"
We did get to count her teeth and see what was going on ...better luck next time.       

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