Sunday, September 16, 2012

We all scream for ICE CREAM ...

As Summer winds down and fall starts to make its way into our area we decided to take advantage of our still warm and beautiful weather and spend some time outside.
Here's were we ended up ........ 

First she must examine what is in the bowl to see if it is to her liking !

What is that you say ...its CHOCOLATE ?? Well then!

"Yum Yum Yum  ...delicioso!"
 Thank you Dora for broadening our vocabulary !!!

Lia has a list of favorite "ice creams" , she always says it plural as if that means she hopes to get more than one cone !
Here are a list of her favorites, with a common theme of Chocolate and in order of what she will always ask for.

#1 Green ( mint choc chip)
#2 Chocolate ( just plain nothing fancy..milk chocolate if possible)
#3 Chocolate, pink , vanilla aka Neapolitan
   (Chocolate 1st then "pink" then vanilla , if that's all that is left)
#4 Orange ( just for a pop of color sherbet)

She's no plain Jane , give her flavor and color and she is all over it !

Happy Sunday everyone. Have a great week!