Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun at the Barn { Sunday Snapshot }

This weekend we took a short trip to our cousins house and barn for a get together with friends and family. It's the nicest barn you'll ever see. In fact, I think we could live in it !!!!

We celebrated our great aunt and uncles recent birthdays! Happy BDay Auntie Anne and Uncle Mark!

We got to watch our team win, in an awesome outdoor room, went for walks around a beautiful pond and visited some chickens and a rooster.
The weather was very fall like and we saw some rain showers, but it was so nice to be outside and the incoming rain clouds made for some really neat pictures.

The really cool porch were we watched our team win.
THE END !! It was a fun day

Have a great week !


  1. I love the barn. Great photo!!! It evokes memories, moods and dreams.

  2. That barn is a CLASSIC!!! It feels like it came right out of OZ:)
    God Bless,

  3. Such a sweet barn with a lake and hens! Your daughter must have liked your day a lot - she is very cute ;-)
    Outings with family are the best!

  4. This is the most gorgeous property!!!! I want to live there too! Surely they wouldn't mind. Hehehehe
    nancy-of the crazy 9

    1. Nope , the more the merrier. They wouldn't even know you were there !!! Hehehe

  5. Lovely! That first one is especially beautiful... can't believe they are all iPhone pics! Well done!

  6. Thank you Stephanie !
    i LOVE the Snapseed app and it was a great day too, that helps !