Sunday, September 30, 2012

We bought a dragon !!

This weekend was one of the last art shows in town. So we packed up the car and headed downtown. We met an Asian artist that specializes in Asian pop art.
Lia LOVED the "baby dragon" so ...
...we bought one ! This is the work of John Hung Ha.

Here are a few pix of our downtown skyline 


We had fun looking at all the vendors and hanging out with Gramma and Aunt Kathy. It was Aunt Kathys Bday. Happy BDAY Aunt Kathy, we won't say which one  :) 

Did you know you can deep fry just about anything ?? Here is the proof

YUM !!!
Then it was home for a nap, with all her animal friends! It was in her own bed and with very little resistance. We may be back on track or maybe it was the exercise and fresh air !! 
All her animal friends !

Hope you have a HAPPY SUNDAY !

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun at the Barn { Sunday Snapshot }

This weekend we took a short trip to our cousins house and barn for a get together with friends and family. It's the nicest barn you'll ever see. In fact, I think we could live in it !!!!

We celebrated our great aunt and uncles recent birthdays! Happy BDay Auntie Anne and Uncle Mark!

We got to watch our team win, in an awesome outdoor room, went for walks around a beautiful pond and visited some chickens and a rooster.
The weather was very fall like and we saw some rain showers, but it was so nice to be outside and the incoming rain clouds made for some really neat pictures.

The really cool porch were we watched our team win.
THE END !! It was a fun day

Have a great week !

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We all scream for ICE CREAM ...

As Summer winds down and fall starts to make its way into our area we decided to take advantage of our still warm and beautiful weather and spend some time outside.
Here's were we ended up ........ 

First she must examine what is in the bowl to see if it is to her liking !

What is that you say ...its CHOCOLATE ?? Well then!

"Yum Yum Yum  ...delicioso!"
 Thank you Dora for broadening our vocabulary !!!

Lia has a list of favorite "ice creams" , she always says it plural as if that means she hopes to get more than one cone !
Here are a list of her favorites, with a common theme of Chocolate and in order of what she will always ask for.

#1 Green ( mint choc chip)
#2 Chocolate ( just plain nothing fancy..milk chocolate if possible)
#3 Chocolate, pink , vanilla aka Neapolitan
   (Chocolate 1st then "pink" then vanilla , if that's all that is left)
#4 Orange ( just for a pop of color sherbet)

She's no plain Jane , give her flavor and color and she is all over it !

Happy Sunday everyone. Have a great week!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


By definition WHEW means : an exclamation, used to express surprise, relief, or a feeling of being very hot or tired! Or in our case Busy Busy Busy, and maybe a little of all of the above!
Jim was on vacation and spent the week with Lia and we all had some F.U.N.
We started the week off with a trip down memory lane.
We went to a 50th wedding anniversary party at the church where we were married 11 years ago.

Then we went to a local art show
She loved the xylophone ..I mean who doesn't? 

Followed by a trip to Red Robin where Lia said "Hello" to the "Red Duck "

Look at that last picture ..did I tell you we had fun with a capital F?!

We took a walk with her favorite bird ..."Red Bird " is his name

Lia even managed to learn a new skill...we're not so sure if we are too happy about this one. Sure she can buckle now, which is great, but next comes the unbuckling part :(

She is so proud of herself ! Great job

The week ended with a nice quiet day at home ...

WEE !!

Going for basket rides! All in all I would say a pretty great week.
Happy Sunday !

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What did you have for breakfast?

Well if you're 2 and getting all 4 of your last molars and cereal makes your mouth hurt you get POPSICLES !!! Its the only thing that makes it all better.
We went from crying to this in 60 seconds.

These teeth can't come in fast enough. This could explain her frustration, sleeping issues and disruption in her eating habits. It'll all be better soon the dentist says !!!! Today was our first trip to the dentist. She quickly realized that were weren't just there to ride up and down on the chair. And when it came down to business she was all tears and "NOPES" !! Every question Dr JoJo asked, Lia said "NOPE", except when it was time to pick out her prizes! Then she said yes, of course she wanted a prize once we were finished.
She was thinking "Can we be fininshed now ????"
We did get to count her teeth and see what was going on ...better luck next time.       

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cornhole anyone { SUNDAY SNAPSHOT}

We began our week going to a cornhole tourney. Some may call it bean bag toss, some may call it corn toss, some may even call it baggo ...we just call it FUN ! One story of corn hole claims the game was 1st played in Germany in the 14th century and then was rediscovered in OHIO  within the last century. No wonder we're such big fans of this game !! This tournament was played for fun but also for a good cause : Life Line of Ohio, 
Dontate Life Ohio

We got there late so we didn't play but we are great cheerleaders. And once the boards were free here is some of the fun we had :

Lia started off a little slow, watching Dora and hanging back a bit ... but after Brady got her a green cupcake she was ready to play.


We "played" cornhole a while and then the boards became a slide

WEE !!!
Thanks Pattersons'...we had a great time !

The rest of the week we went for walks , played and tried to get back to normal sleeping times. Still working on that last one. Hope you all had a great week and Happy Labor Day .