Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas to all .....

Today Lia is 9 mo old. She is doing well. The double ear infection is cleared up and she is happy happy happy !! It is our 1st Christmas with her and I cant tell you all how truly blessed we are to have her in our lives. She is a ray of sunshine. She discovers new things each day and she lights up when she sees us ! We cant believe she is's been a long and winding road but here we are ! Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2011 !! Love Ally Jim and Lia and Sammy Dog !! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 weeks until Christmas and O'ma's BDAY !!

Hi everyone ! We have updated our blog with some recent pictures of Lia. Despite a double ear infection that will not go away ( we are on our 2nd round of meds) she did well !! We are looking forward to a busy week this week , starting with her cousin Bella's 4th Bday today !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA !! And we end with a family party where Lia will meet her extended family from all over the US for the 1st time. We will see relatives from as far away as California and Florida ! And of course all the in towns ones as well . We cant wait !
Hope you all are doing well. Love to you all
Ally Jim and Lia

Lia's Christmas pictures !!!

Our First Christmas with Lia


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update 11/28/2010

Hi ! We are doing well but Lia is sick =(
We went to the Dr yesterday and she has an ear infection and bad cold.( Just like her Aunt Kiki) she will be on meds for the next 10 days. She is iron deficient so we have to put vitamins in her food. She still has managed to gain 1 pound and is now 16 lbs 3 ozs !!! Shes growing so fast !
We go back for her 9 mo check up around Xmas !!! We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and are getting ready to decorate the house inside (.outside is ready) for Christmas. Cant wait for Lia to see the tree.
Nothing else new to report ! We'll stay in touch
Love Ally Jim and Lia and Sammy too !!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Hello everyone ! Lia has turned 8 mo old and it adjusting beautifully. She has slept through the night the past 2 nights  and is eating great. This is what we know about Lia so far:
She is happy
She is healthy
She loves Sammy (her dog)
She laughs a lot
She is very observant and takes it all in..then warms up
She loves being outside
She has a "laid back" personality
and She is a great little eater ! 
We have so much to be thankful for this year and we are so happy to have Lia home for her 1st Thanksgiving ! Wishing you all a wonderful and HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! Love you and hope to see you all over the holidays.
Love Ally Jim and Lia and Sammy too !!!  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pictures of Lia

Here are just a few pictures of Lia! Love to all

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There's no place like home..there's no place like home

Theres no place like home ! We're back, and getting settled. Lia is adjusting. She is eating and playing and loving Sammy but is having trouble sleeping. She slept through the night in China but here .. she is up alot. She had 7 mo in China and on their time so we expect it to take some time..hopefully not too long. We need to establish a sold routine and we're getting there.
Jim is off this week while we get adjusted and I hope to be off and spend time with Lia until the 1st of Jan.
The trip to China was great , a once in a life time experience.
We will post some pictures and video soon. We had 666 pictures developed yesterday and are still going through them all.
Hope you are all doing well and cant wait to see you all
Ally Jim and Lia

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Greetings From HONG KONG !!!

Hello everyone ! We are here, safe and sound despite Typhoon Megi. Oh yes ..we flew into a typhoon Friday evening ! As if flying 16 hrs isn't enough to wear you down ... and we all know how Jim loves to fly. We got in late Friday nite and got up early on Sat to tour Hong Kong for 8 hrs. It was so much fun and so busy. Talk about a city that never sleeps ! We got up today (Sun) and took a trip to see the BIG BUDDHA. It was a 40 min subway ride, then a 30 min sky lift ride , then a 30 - 40 min hike but wow it was  worth it ! The views were awesome. After seeing Buddha we stopped at a Buddhist Monastery and said a little prayer! We meet Lia tomorrow! So when you all wake up we will have our daughter. We will blog as often as we can to keep you up to date ! Love to all

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Countdown is on ....

We have our travel dates !
We will be leaving for HONG KONG and going to get Lia on 10/21/10.
We will fly to Chi-town then take a LONG 15 hr flight to Hong Kong. There we will spend the weekend "relaxing" (ya right) resting and site seeing. On Monday we will fly to YangChun China to get Lia. We will stay in her city for a few days then head to Guangzhou to make it official. In Guangzhou, we will do a lot of paperwork, doctors appointments, and meet with a number of Chinese officials AND even manage to do some site seeing for a while.
We will have Lia home for the holidays !! 
We are busy getting all the things done that need to be done for our trip. Lia's room is ready and we are anxious to get her home with us and get settled. 
So that's it for now !
Love to all      =)   Jim and Ally

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have been approved to travel. We got the call today ! We will be traveling to get Lia at the end of Oct or the beginning of Nov. It looks like we will be home for Thanksgiving and OSU v MICHIGAN !! GO BUCKS !!!  The exact date will be given to us in 1-6 days ! We will keep you posted !
We had our 1st baby shower this past Sun, it was a blast. And we are looking forward to the other one this weekend. Yes, Jim gets to go !!!
We are so grateful for all the love and support from our friends, family and co-workers.
We'll chat soon. ------   

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our 1st few Pictures of Lia !!!

Here are the 1st three pictures of Lia we received from China !!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

And so it begins !

Today we set up our "blog" to keep our friends and family informed while we are on the journey of a lifetime. As many of you know we are adopting a little girl from China ! Her given name is Yang Chun , Hua Man. We are so very excited and can't wait to share with you all our adventure to bring Lia home ! We will keep her Chinese given name in there as well . So wow, what a mouthfull !
It began about a month ago on 8/17/2010 at 12:14am , needless to say we were not up at that hour , so we got the exciting email and 3 calls from the agency at 8am that morning saying they had a "match" for us. A little girl that was born on 3/22/2010 in Yang Chun China. She was 2 days old when she was found at a gas station. She was little but in overall good health. She is missing her right hand/palm but is otherwise a very healthy developing little girl. We now know she is 5 1/2 months old and is about 12-13 lbs. And she is waiting for us to come get her ! We hope to travel within 6 weeks or so and have her home with her cousins, Bella, Brittney, Ryan , Michael , Caitlin and Lexi and the rest of our family and friends for the holidays !!!!
Love to all and we will post again soon ,
Ally and Jim and Sammy Dog too !!!